licensed esthetician, certified makeup artist, founder of JAX skincare


jacqueline is a licensed esthetician and certified makeup artist. she has worked in the beauty industry since 2013. jacqueline created JAX Skincare in 2017. JAX skincare is a minimalist, gender neutral, plant based skincare line sold at the orange chair by scheduled appointment, and online. her services include lashes, makeup, skincare and education on skincare products. 


education + training

elizabeth grady school of esthetics - ma

debra macki professional makeup certification - ma

microdermabrasion certification - ma

custom organic spray tan certification (aviva Labs & e. grady) - ma

lash extensions certification - ma


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Are lash extensions safe?
Yes, they are made of a synthetic silk or mink lash that is applied onto your natural lashes. Extensions are individually placed onto each lash 1mm away from your eyelid. The extensions grow out with you natural lash, and do not interrupt your natural lash cycle.

How are they applied?
They are applied one by one onto your natural lash with a bonding adhesive. They do not go on every lash, depending on the stage of that specific lash growth. The extensions are only put onto the mature lashes with the appropriate weight, this ensures the health of your lashes.

How long do they last?
Lash extensions last about 3-4 weeks after a full set. But to maintain the fullness of your lashes, it is recommended to get a “fill” every 2-3 weeks depending on your natural lash cycle. After 3 weeks, a new set would be needed.

What kind of maintenance do I need to do?
To keep your lashes looking at their best, do not use any oil products or mascara. Also, stay away from steam, and no pulling or tugging on your lashes. It is recommended to brush your lashes with a lash wand every morning and after every shower.

Why can I not use mascara?
Every mascara has oil and chemicals in it that break down the adhesive (cyanoacrylate). Any product with oil used on the eye or around the eye lessens the longevity of your lashes. You may use mascara on the bottom lashes. I recommend using a non- waterproof mascara, for easier removal using and oil-free makeup remover.

Can you swim with your lashes?
Yes. But keep in mind the ocean has salt, and salt has oil, which will break down the adhesive. Also, be careful using SPF around your lashes and avoid completely submerging into water.

How long does a full set take?
A full set can take anywhere from 1.5-2 hours.

How many are applied?
It varies depending on the persons lash line. The more lashes you have, the more that can be applied. We charge by the amount of time, not by the amount of lashes.

How are they removed?
Your lash extensions need to be removed professionally by a lash technician to ensure the health of your natural lashes.

How do lash extensions differ from false lashes or lash strips?
Lash extensions are applied individually with a semi permanent lash adhesive. They are safer than lash strips because when you take off the strip, you are pulling your natural lashes along with the false lashes. Extensions shed with your natural lashes.

How should I prepare for my lash appointment?
Please arrive with no makeup or oils around the eye. I recommend to take off mascara a day or two ahead to make sure it is completely off and that the eye is clean prior to appointment. The cleaner the lash, the better the adhesion.